Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Mason: you are growing like a weed again! You started army crawling everywhere! You can get yourself up on all 4's and you kind of get yourself all ready...than you face plant and use your head to scoot to what you want. I have had to get the pack n play out lately because you are all over the place!
You are making the "Ba" sound but nothing much else beyond just being a lot more vocal. You do seem to grunt and growl at us when you want something. It is pretty hard not to laugh and completely forget that you are wanting something.
You think it is beyond funny to blow raspberries in a kind of competition when your mouth is full. We definitely play back because we all have tummy aches from laughing so hard!!
You are still waking up EVERY night between 1-4 (give or take ha ha). We are sooo not used to this because your big brother never ever dared to wake up past 2 months old. So some nights it is a struggle!! But even on the nights we so desperately want you to sleep when we walk in your face lights up and your entire body is so happy! It is a little but of sunshine at 2am. Which in return makes it near impossible to be mad anymore.
You are eating most all foods on your own.
Including:waffles, strawberries, gerber bites, toast, all veggies cut up, potatoes, you have even gotten a french fry from your bro. it was pretty cute, I certainly didn't stop him.
Your still in 6-9 month clothing. and still can not wear shoes because you have itty bitty feet!

Cayden: Bubs your vocabulary is astounding. You are not very good at saying your ABC's or counting by yourself...but if we do it with you, you chyme along. You are slowly potty training. We will just leave it at that. You are in a size 7 shoe and 3t clothes.
Likes: your starting to get into boy shows like Bob the Builder, Chucks Trucks on Netflix and some superheros. You love church. You can hardly contain yourself on the way there and never want to leave when it is time to go. You are still a fireman at heart and light up at the sound of a siren, you love to play baseball and lately you taught yourself to do a somersault! You rarely eat dinner because I refuse to be a made to order cook. But do not worry you are not famished in any way.
You love on your brother like he wont be here the following day.
You are loving on us more than ever and I love every second of it. You say "goodmonin" every morning and you have a bed time ritual of two books, prayers and mommy or daddy drawing circles on your back. You are so my child...I mean really.
 And lastly you are still napping everyday, although if it is late by the time we get home (past 2p) I have a hard time getting you to sleep.
It is still a daily struggle to get you to sleep passed 7am. It is what it is I guess. You have learned to raid the fridge though if mom or dad forget to shut your day. You have helped yourself to mac and cheese, cottage cheese, cheese slices (noticing a trend?!?) and essentially any other food you can get a hold of. Sigh...

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