Friday, August 24, 2012


my goodness. Although I am there for just about every single milestone my boys have...I still feel like they are growing up faster than I can handle! It seems when one does something new the other has to top him. I guess I should get used to this huh? have had your tricycle since Christmas from your Mamaw + Papaw. You love your bike! It folds up so we can throw it in our car and head to the nearest park! But on August 24 you got on your bike (at aunt Kim's house) and just started riding it down the sidewalk like you had been riding it for months!! I was scrambling to get my phone out to take video. I was afraid you wouldn't do it ever again for some reason...stupid mom brain. To my dismay you rode that bike for the rest of the night and lots of people got to see you do this! Mamaw and Papaw were so happy to see you accomplish this. I have a feeling Papaw will be trying to buy you a big boy bike for Christmas or your birthday. He is a sneaky one!

Potty training is still a daily struggle. I can with utmost confidence tell you that it is mostly our fault. We have not devoted 100% to it. BUT on the contrary you do not seem to get the idea that poop is not cute to to sit in IN YOUR BIG BOY UNDERPANTS!!!!!

SPEAKING OF POOP...OHHHH "POOP DOG". HOW MUCH I LOATHE YOU "POOP DOG". oh, you want to know what poop dog is?! Ask C. Go ahead...but when you ask him you may want to take a mask so you don't have to smell his breathe. YUP. UGH.

PS. never show your toddler dog poop (thinking I was being a good mom so he wouldn't step on it...but instead he became obsessed) little itty bitty bitty baby whom I literally can not keep track of how old you are because I'm stuck on your being my blue eyed newborn angel. On August 22 not only did you begin eating cut up table food (macaroni and bananas) but when I left to go run an errand you proceeded to pick up the food and eat it with your own fingers!! SERIOUSLY BATMAN! You are also pulling yourself up with our finger and any day now you will be pulling up completely with out guidance.

God is so GOOD. My boys amaze me every single day. I seriously have to step back and take a deep breathe so I completely take in this moment. I do not want to miss a beat.

JORDAN IS AN OFFICIAL FULL TIME FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDIC. He starts on September 4th!!! I have never been more proud of this man. You guys I am so beyond blessed!!! God is so GOOD! Did I mention that already?!?

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” – Phil 4:19


  1. THAT IS WONDERFUL!!!! I was wondering about his job. Im so excited and happy for you all. Congrats!! God is so good!

  2. As always love to read your blog....but I miss you guys oh soooo much!! Love and hugs to everyone!!